Moving & Handling Training


Training is tailored to the specific areas of workplace where handling and movement tasks are required.


The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 & Amendments;

Risk assessment; 24 hour Back care; Principles of ergonomics;

Approved methods for safe handling and obsolete and unsafe handling methods;


Fitness for Life. Course includes practical demonstration and participation to practice safe methods of handling techniques.


One Year Certificate issued to all courses.

Movement of People

suitable for  Education & Care Industry including hospitals, Midwives; Patient Transport, Carers at home, Special Education, Schools, Nurseries, Therapists.


Moving & Handling People Care Courses

Half Day Course - Theory & Practical ( Hoists included if required )

2 Hour Refresher Course – Annual Update of knowledge and skills

One Day Clinical Course - People Care / includes use of hoists

Movement of Objects

suitable for Office, Warehouse, Maintenance, Garden Centres, Garages, Hotel & Construction Industry


Load management Course

3 hour Load Management   Theory & Practical Application of Moving and Handling Objects and Loads.


  • Timings to suit you.

  • In-house Training allows for the use of trainees own workplace situations to be used during the training session. 

  • First Response will bring Moving and Handling equipment to your course

  • All courses receive an end of course report with the certificates


Employers will be required to show a copy of their in-house Moving & Handling Policy on booking the training.

Employees are required to wear suitable clothing and footwear for the course.

Equipment used in the workplace to be available during the course.